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Bitcoin Lightning Network Directory

With the release of the Bitcoin Lightning network in 2018, it would be helpful if a service existed for finding merchants or service who accept lightning

Easy Fishing Charter Reservations

Many of the charter fishermen don't have a web presence at all. Some do, but its a site that looks like it was built in dreamweaver from the 1990's. It would be nice if there were a service where one could search and book charter fishing boats with the few clicks of a mouse. I'd rather not need to make any phone calls

Data Seeding

App developers often struggle creating test data for their applications. Perhaps there could be a services that offers a set of APIs that make it easy for developer to feed test data into their

CSS Hosting/Design/Editing Tool

An css building and hosting solution that lets designers update css and push to websites outside of their site's normal tooling. Letting designers focus on just the portions they are concerned

Career Progression Tracker and Coach

Where users can track/compare their career progression against some ideal standard or other

Parked Car Finder

It would be great if there were a mobile app that could show you open parking spots. Automating this would be ideal but probably not possible for a small upstart. Maybe using public webcams, data from parking garages or other electronic devices. A more realistic way might be some micro payment system whereby someone

Expert Matchup

Registered users post their areas of expertise and other registered users can collaborate with them on various projects. It is especially helpful for school and college students working on various project

Native Language Checker Service

I want my applications to bet translated in as many languages possible. Would be great to have a database with native speakers who are willing to invest a few minutes to check a mobile application and translate it from English. If they are students or young people it could be cheap and on the other hand for them it is

Augmented Exchange Rate Converter

How about creating an exchange rate converter that would allow you to go to a store abroad, point your phone to a price tag and immediately see price in your default

Terms and Conditions Builder

I never know what to write into Terms and conditions. Someone should automate this by generating the basic text useful to most

Saloon and Hair Style Finder

An application that helps to find saloons and different hairstyles. After a person designs his/her hair at a saloon, they can take a picture of his new style and update

Email Delay Service

I receive many emails which I often forward to my team. Would be great if I can just schedule the email to be sent one or two days later so I don't need to think about it any more and I am not disturbing my colleagues either. Best way would be to send it to specific email address that would automatically remove itself

On Demand In Home Stylist

If you have special day and you don't know what to wear you just call a stylist. He or she will select the best choice from your

Sort Massive Image Libraries

I have a large photo collection. I need to organize it, before it becomes too unwieldy. I'd kill for some kind of automatic image tagging and sorting

Adventure Treasure Hunts

A service providing travel packages which include treasure hunts and related games. The traveller will know the cities he is going to visit but the places will be decided based on the clues he finds along the

Employee Handbooks

A business that would help startups/small businesses create a great looking handbook online and also allow employees to sign electronically. Additionally, anytime updates are made to the content it can automatically notify employees of the changes. Would also make searching through a handbook easier since the content